Dominion Gas, A Praxair Company

Dominion Gas holds a large stock of superior equipment which is distributed around our worldwide operating locations.

Seasonal and regional fluctuations can have an effect on equipment demand, especially within the diving sector, however we are always in a position to supply client needs wherever the requirement.

Dominion Gas can offer the following equipment for rental or for purchase:

  • Quads - various sizes ranging from 16, 48 and 64 cylinder quads
  • Tube Skids - our stock of tube skids allows large capacity to be stored
  • Helium Tankers - we have a fleet of owned 11,000 gallon helium tankers
  • Regulators and Welding Torches - we can supply a wide range of gas regulators to meet any gas application

These equipment items should be implemented in accordance with the gas being used and as per the manufacturers instructions.