Dominion Gas, A Praxair Company

The Portable Gas Transfill System (PGTS) is a gas filling plant packaged in moveable 20ft containers. This has been designed to support the company’s oil and gas clients anywhere in the world.

The new system comprises a set of containerised modules which, when connected together, allow for empty cylinders to be filled with compressed gas mixtures. Each module is designed to handle and manage specific gases; helium, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. All gases are supplied in cryogenic form and converted to high pressure mixed gases using the PGTS.

Cryogenic liquids are stored in state-of-the-art ISO standard storage tanks which are part of the PGTS system. A fully UKAS approved containerised gas laboratory is also supplied with the modules to ensure the blended gases are certified to clients specification.

The system is designed to operate both on and offshore in the harshest of environments and will deliver a better, more flexible service to our clients.

UK Patent No. GB24690848.